How Do You Trace an IP Address?

To trace an Internet Protocol address, access a website that offers IP address look-up services, and enter the IP address to be traced in the search box to find the name of the Web host. Search the database on the website to know further details about the Web host.

If the IP address of the person who sent an email is not available, click View Headers in the email client. Search through the line that reads Received for the IP address of that person.

To trace this IP address, use websites that provide reverse IP look-up, WHOIS look-up and IP address look-up services. There are a number of websites offering these services, with each having a different functionality. On these websites, find the form for an IP address reverse look-up. Enter the IP address in this form, and press Enter to display the Web hosting provider's name.

To access detailed information regarding the Web hosting provider or Internet service provider, search in the database of WHOIS, if possible. This leads to the address and other contact details of the company.

If the IP address is dynamic, it implies that the address changes every time the Internet is surfed. There are many websites and software programs that mask an IP address or permit it to be faked. In such cases, it is difficult to determine the genuineness of the IP address traced.