Where Is the Toshiba Laptop Wireless Communication Switch?

The wireless communication slide switch is located on the base of Toshiba laptops, on the front, right or left side of the casing, as of September 2014. The switch activates and deactivates the wireless connection hardware inside the laptop, so if the switch is in the "off" position, the computer cannot connect to wireless networks.

When the wireless button is active, an amber light comes on to show wireless communication is possible. When the wireless switch is off, no light appears. An alternate method to activate the switch is to push "Fn" and then "F8" or "F5." Pushing these buttons shows the status of the wireless communication on some Toshiba laptops.

Other computers have wireless on/off push buttons indicated by an icon, such as an antenna tower with curved lines surrounding it to symbolize radio communication waves. Other buttons say "LAN" on them. These buttons are integrated into the keyboard as special keys or placed above or below the keyboard near the volume control buttons.

Some wireless communication activation buttons rely on function keys, sliding switches or push buttons within the hard clamshell of the computer's side. Other computers require a combination of pushing a button and then activating a function key.