What Are Some Toshiba Laptop Error Codes?

The most common error codes with the Toshiba laptop are the 02 codes associated with the memory, indicating that the protected mode is not changed. A double question mark indicates an unidentified error with the memory. The common error code indicating a date compare problem is FF.

Error codes related to the floppy disk drive of the Toshiba laptop are 01 signifying a bad command error; 02 signifying the address mark not found; 03 indicating a write protect; 04 indicating record not found; and 06 indicating a media change line error. The other floppy disk drive error codes include 08, which means a DMA overrun error; 09 indicating a DMA boundary error; 0C defining a select media error; and 10 that defines a CRC error. Other error codes in this category are 20 to indicate an FDC error; 40 to indicate a seek error; and 80, which indicates a timeout error.

The error codes that relate to the hard disk drive of the Toshiba laptop include 01, indicating a bad command error; 02, indicating a bad address mark error; 04 to show a record not found; 05 signifying HDC not reset error; 07 indicating drive not initialized; and 09 indicating a DMA boundary error. In addition, there are other hard disk drive error codes.

Similarly, there are unique error codes for the cache memory and the multimedia device of the Toshiba laptop.