What Is the Tor Project?


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The Tor Project is a network of volunteer-operated servers that allows users to view websites in privacy. The Tor Project also adds a layer of security that makes it hard for hackers to locate users' IP addresses.

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Volunteers around the globe create the network by offering use of their home servers. When a consumer connects to the Internet with the Tor Project browser, his computer uses another machine's address to mask his true IP address. The network also allows a user to create a website without revealing the site's location.

The U.S. government's naval force employs the Tor Project to monitor websites. The Navy is able to avoid detection since the Tor Project makes it difficult for site hosts to detect the government IP address.

Journalists also use the Tor Project to speak over a secure connection with whistle-blowers from different countries. A user of the Tor Project can access sites in regions that ban foreigners since the user can mask his IP address and make it seem as if he is accessing from within the country. Consumers can also use the Tor Project to access chat rooms and web forums, allowing abuse survivors to speak and keep their identities hidden.

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