What Topics Are Covered in "Spreadsheets for Dummies"?

What Topics Are Covered in "Spreadsheets for Dummies"?

"Spreadsheets For Dummies" does not exist, according to Dummies.com. The closest, most recent title, "Excel 2013 For Dummies," by Greg Harvey, covers entering, editing, sorting and filtering data, using tables, formatting, formulas and functions.

Dummies.com offers a condensed version of information covered in chapters of "Excel 2013 For Dummies." The website features Excel 2013 extras, a free cheat sheet that corresponds directly to the book, and excerpts from the print version, including "Getting Started."

The "Getting Started" chapter demystifies Excel while explaining how to customize the Quick Access toolbar, what to do in the worksheet area, how to show the status bar and how to launch Excel from the Windows 8 start screen or from the Windows 7 start menu.

The following chapter, "Creating A Spreadsheet From Scratch," offers tips on altering the natural order of operations, the AutoFill function and how to insert specialty symbols. Chapter four addresses lesser-known aspects, such as pivot tables. The author explains how to use the recommended pivot tables button, how to manually create a pivot table, how to filter a pivot table report and how to filter pivot tables with slicers.

The 14 chapters in total of "Excel 2013 For Dummies" encompass tutorials about maintaining multiple worksheets, linking spreadsheets, obtaining sums via Quick Analysis Totals, the difference between Excel's associated file extensions and how to edit spreadsheets.