What Topic Journals Does PubMed Contain?


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PubMed contains hundreds of thousands of journals from nurses and doctors that range from socially-focused medical issues to problems like AIDS and cancer, covering dozens of medical topics. Journals about animal studies, dental studies and more are all found in the PubMed archive.

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PubMed is an online resource that contains so many medical journals that it cannot be narrowed down in a few words. The best way to locate a specific topic is by checking the official website for the resources listed there. The sheer volume of resources made available suggests that it is likely anyone who searches there can find a journal related to what he is searching for, as the archive covers the broad swath of medical knowledge known to the United States.

The resource was created in 1996 by the United States National Library of Medicine as a central service for referencing information on life sciences and biomedical topics. The system replaced a university-centric system when it was put in place, and has been used ever since to archive a tremendous amount of scientific and medical knowledge that, as of 2015, can be referenced by anyone with an Internet connection and a specific topic to look for. Journals researching diseases, critical care, cancer, women's health and many more topics are found in this archive

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