How Do You Top up a Red Pocket Mobile Account?

How Do You Top up a Red Pocket Mobile Account?

Top up your Red Pocket Mobile account at using a debit card, credit card, Paypal or checking account. The exact steps to top up your account depend on whether you have an Unlimited account or a PayGo account.

When you enter your phone number on the Easy Refill page, Red Pocket automatically determines your account type and provides you with the appropriate steps. You can make a one-time payment or set up monthly recurring payments. You can also check your current account type and status on the Easy Refill page.

If you're using a Red Pocket starter kit and want to apply a personal identification number to your free minutes, you can still use the Easy Refill page. Once you've entered your phone number, look for a link labeled, Already Have A Refill PIN Code? Apply It Here!

If you need to top up your Red Pocket account but are unable to access the Internet, you can do it over the phone by calling Red Pocket's Automated Refill Line at 717-827-1111.

If you sometimes make international long distance calls, read the features of the refill level you choose carefully. Some of the refill levels include international calling, but not all of them do.