How Do You Top up Orange?


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Top up Orange on the Orange Top Up webpage. Enter the phone number that needs to be recharged and the top up amount. Users must also sign in or register using an email and a password. Submit a payment with a valid credit card.

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Orange allows users to send credit in Euros, Pounds, U.S. Dollars and African Rand to mobile phone numbers. There are four steps involved in the top up process. First, users must enter a valid mobile phone number. Second, users must enter the top up amount, or the money they wish to add to a specific mobile phone number for continued usage, in Euros, Rand, Pounds or U.S. Dollars. Third, users will need to sign in or register with an email address and password if they have not already done so. Last, users have to submit payment by entering a valid credit card. The process is simple and does not require a transaction fee to send credit to a mobile number.

The Orange Top Up service requires only a mobile phone number and a valid credit card from one of the covered countries. Credit can be sent to prepaid mobile phone numbers provided by 360 mobile operators in 105 countries.

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