What Are Some Top-Rated Ubuntu Laptops?


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Some of the top rated Ubuntu laptops are the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition that comes preloaded with Ubuntu software, and the Lenovo Ubuntu P12-03 laptop with a 750GB hard drive that is ideal for music and movies. The Dell XPS 13 offers full-HD 1080p visual quality. Promoted on the Ubuntu website, this laptop comes with a 250GB solid state drive, allowing the user to quickly load all projects, according to HTPC Beginner.

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The Za Reason Verix 545 is a powerhouse among laptops capable of running any next-generation game with the optional i7 core processor. The laptop comes fully installed with Linux and Ubuntu. Weighing less than 7 pounds and with three and a half hours of battery life, the small laptop is capable of rivaling high-end desktops in its performance, as of 2016.

The System 76 Gazelle Professional also comes installed with the Ubuntu operating system to make the startup and boot times literally seconds. With a powerful i7 core processor, the Gazelle Professional is a powerful laptop but is comfortable to the touch due to the soft finish on the screen and keys. At 15.6 inches, it is a larger laptop with high resolution on the screen as well, states HTPC Beginner.

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