What Are Some Top Places on the Web to Find Funny Photos?

What Are Some Top Places on the Web to Find Funny Photos?

Top places on the Web for funny photos and images include Break.com, CollegeHumor.com, FunnyJunk.com and the Cheezburger Network family of websites such as ICanHas.Cheezburger.com. In addition to images, these websites feature funny and viral videos in addition to articles.

The Cheezburger Network includes FAIL Blog, Memebase, ROFLrazzi and Geek Universe. I Can Has Cheezburger is the main portal for these websites and features funny images of cats, dogs, food and furniture alongside content from affiliated websites. FAIL Blog focuses on amusing images and videos of people failing to succeed at various feats and everyday tasks as well as pranks and accidental comedy.

Break.com is a website focusing on images and videos including fails, pranks and skits from around the Internet daily. FunnyJunk.com is made up of user-submitted content such as memes and GIF images. FunnyJunk features channels of content organized by subject matter including anime, Pokemon and skiing.

CollegeHumor.com is a comedy portal that features funny images and videos, comedy skits and stand-up comedy videos. Popular features at CollegeHumor include top lists that rank subject matter by varying criteria with a comedic twist.

Reddit.com has several subreddits dedicated to funny content such as r/Funny, r/MildlyAmusing and r/Funnypics. Reddit is made up of user-submitted links to content from sources on the Internet and may not be safe for work. Work-unfriendly content is marked with a NSFW tag.