What Are the Top 10 Smartphones?


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The top five smartphones at the end of 2014 are the iPhone 6, Xperia Z3, Moto X, Galaxy Note 4 and the Nexus 6. These are followed by the One M8, Blackberry Passport, Lumia 1520, G3 and One M8 Android, according to an article published on ZDnet.com.

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These devices allow for a wide degree of customization, so personal preference skews what an individual views as the best kind of smartphone. Smartphones are defined by their ability to run apps, using the hardware functions found in the phone, to perform tasks such as GPS tracking, capturing photos and detecting motion.

The direct ancestor of the smartphone is called the personal digital assistant. The distinction in modern times between a smartphone and a PDA is that a PDA is designed exactly for tasks like keeping schedules and taking notes; smartphones can perform these functions but have much wider uses. Smartphones completely replaced PDAs around 2010 when companies largely halted production of the less-versatile device.

As of 2015, the two common operating systems for smartphones are iOS and Android. These operating systems are created by Apple and Google, respectively, carrying differing security measures and apps that can determine what an individual might prefer.

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