What Are Some Free Tools to Help You Study Online?

What Are Some Free Tools to Help You Study Online?

Some free tools to help students study online include Studyblue, Google Hangouts, Evernote and Zotero, as noted by the Division of Information Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Other options include Quizlet, Marinara Timer, StudyStack and GoConqr.

Studyblue is a collaborative website that lets students study socially online. Students working on similar subjects can connect with one another and share study materials, such as guides and flash cards, notes the UWM DoIT website. They can also work on projects together and send messages to each other.

Although Google Hangouts is not specifically designed for study purposes, it can be a handy tool for students, who can use it to coordinate with other students. The application also has a video chat feature to let students meet remotely and share screens.

Evernote is an application that allows users to create notes in a variety of formats. It includes photo notes, audio clips and typed notes. Users can share notes with others and sync them across devices. These features can be very handy for students.

Zotero is an application that can capture citation information while doing online research. This is handy for adding bibliographies to papers.

Quizlet is an online quiz generator and application that is useful for creating quizzes, flashcards, games and other interactive learning tools. Users can input their own information to create a variety of learning resources.

Marinara Timer helps students pace their study sessions. The timer includes sets for both study periods as well as breaks, which makes it easier for students to focus while learning.

StudyStack is a flash card generation website that lets users create new flash cards and access existing cards from other users. It also includes a variety of learning games.

GoConqr is a mind map generator that allows students to connect topics and break subjects down into smaller pieces of information. It also includes flashcards, notes, quizzes and a planner feature.