What Are Some Tools to Remove Viruses From Your Computer?

What Are Some Tools to Remove Viruses From Your Computer?

Windows Defender, AVG Antivirus Free and Avast Free Antivirus are three tools that can remove viruses from computers. While Windows Defender comes preinstalled as a part of the operating system, the other two applications require installation.

To scan for viruses with Windows Defender, search for Windows Defender using the search box on the bottom left. Once the application opens, make sure its virus database is up-to-date by opening the Update tab. If it is not, click Update Definitions. Navigate back to the Home tab, choose a scan option, and click Scan Now.

Alternatively, you can use AVG to remove viruses. Once you open the application, click Update Now on the left to update its virus database. Then click Scan Now, and wait for AVG to run a one-time optimization scan. AVG automatically begins searching for viruses when the optimization scan finishes.

To remove viruses with Avast Antivirus, first update its database by right-clicking its icon on the system tray on the bottom left, opening the Update menu, and clicking Engine and Virus Definitions. Once Avast is up-to-date, double-click the tray icon to open the application, navigate to the Scan tab, pick a scan type from the drop-down menu, and click Start.

All three applications automatically remove the viruses that they find. Likewise, all three can run scheduled scans and offer real-time protection. They scan downloaded content and files related to the programs that you run automatically and remove viruses in real-time.

The applications can run either a quick scan or a full scan. A quick scan only checks common areas that viruses are likely to infect, whereas a full scan checks every area of the computer, including the RAM and the external devices. Full scans take a lot longer.