What Tools Do You Need to Repair a CD Deck?


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The tools needed to repair a broken CD deck include a screwdriver, canned air, a foam swab, denatured alcohol, white lithium grease and tweezers. Most tools, cleaners and parts can be purchased at any electronics store, but some replacement parts may need to be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

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What Tools Do You Need to Repair a CD Deck?
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To repair a broken CD deck, first open the case housing by removing the screws and anything that may be blocking the CD tray. Then press the button to open the disk tray, and once it's open, unplug the power source. Also unplug any cables that connect the front panel to the interior of the unit. It is now safe to remove the screws and tilt the front panel so that it comes off.

Lift up the hold-down clamp or spring on top of the disc tray. Gently pull the tray out of the player and clean the glides with the swab dampened with denatured alcohol. Also lubricate the tray sparingly with the white lithium grease. Remove the belt to inspect for any dirt, grime or damage, but be careful not to get fingerprints on the belt by using tweezers. Clean the belt with the swabs, and then carefully reassemble the unit.

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