What Are Some Tools You Can Use to Print Your Own Receipts?


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Some tools that can be used to print out receipts include Square Up and Invoice by Click software. Each of these programs requires payment prior to being used, which can either be in the form of a monthly subscription or one-off payment. However, each service does have an array of features that can customize the look of the receipts and even send digital copies.

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Square Up is a service used to clear transactions made from buyers and sellers. With each purchase made through the program, the company keeps a percentage of the profits. The receipts portion of the program comes at no extra cost and is packed with features including the ability to send digital receipts to a consumers email address, and resent them if necessary. The receipts can also be printed out. All the controls for printing out or sending digital receipts are easy to understand and readily available from the Square Up website.

Invoice By Click is a receipt only software. Instead of taking a percentage of the purchased profits, Invoice by Click using a subscription to charge for its services or a one-off charge of $99, as of 2015. The complete program includes updates and support for additional patches, as well as features such as a delivery order database, inventory, vendor management interface and expense list.

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