How Do You Get Your Toolbar Back?


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In order to retrieve a toolbar that is not showing up in Windows Explorer or a Microsoft Windows-based computer, there are several keys that will prompt the return of the toolbar when pressed. The toolbar can be hidden on purpose or accidentally fairly easily, but is just as easily returned with a few mouse clicks.

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If the Windows toolbar or any browser toolbar is not showing up it can limit the amount of features available to the user. Following these steps to help return the toolbar where it belongs.

  1. Remove fullscreen mode
  2. By hitting the F11 key on the keyboard, the screen returns to regular viewing size and removes the fullscreen mode option. Often, this is the reason for the missing toolbar. If it does not fix the problem, move on to another option.
  3. Enable the menu or toolbar
  4. If the toolbar or menu has been disabled, it will need to be enabled for the user to view it once again. Select the "Tools" option from the browser settings and then "Manage Add-ons", enable the toolbar that should be displayed and click close.
  5. Repairing the registry
  6. If the toolbar or menu is not working after the above fixes, it may be a registry problem. A registry repair tool can be downloaded or the toolbar re-installed.
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