What Are Some Tips for Videotaping Childbirth?


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When planning to videotape a childbirth, it's important to have everything planned out in advance. Make sure to keep the camera still and use a tripod whenever possible. This is because shaky hands and excessive panning or tilting can ruin some of the most precious moments. Keep in mind also to capture more than just the actual birth. Include shots of the mother as well as her family and friends.

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What Are Some Tips for Videotaping Childbirth?
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Another important element to plan out is to make sure you have permission to make a video of your childbirth. You might find that the hospital or birthing center has policies that prohibit the recording of surgery, require you to bring your own power source for video equipment or restrict where you can set up your equipment.

It's also important to remember that nobody else should be giving directions for what is to be captured besides the mother. For example, she might want shots of the baby's crowning and birth, or she might just want shots above the waist. You should try to find a professional videographer with experience in birth videos. You can ask for recommendations from your midwife, birthing center or obstetrician on professionals in your area.

If you can't find a professional, the next best thing is someone who is comfortable operating a video camera and isn't involved in any other roles during the childbirth. The final step to making the childbirth video is editing the recorded video once you're done. You can find a paid video editor online or in real life, or edit it yourself in a program such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

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