What Are Some Tips for Using Windows Live Movie Maker?


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Some tips for using Windows Live Movie Maker include ensuring good file system organization and shooting extra footage for trimming purposes. Movie Maker utilizes photo and video libraries, so organization is important. Logically labeling and arranging materials makes the movie-making process more efficient. Trimming is essential to video editing, and Movie Maker has controls to easily set "in" and "out" points. Shooting extra footage at the start and end of a take prevents clipping anything important.

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Another valuable Windows Live Movie Maker tip is to break down long footage files into smaller, more manageable sections. Large HD videos consume substantial amounts of RAM, which can be a problem for users with older machines. Moreover, the software was not designed with lengthy video files in mind; attempting to work with larger, high-definition files considerably slows down functionality, almost to a stop at times. Slicing weightier video into smaller units speeds everything up significantly and ends frustrating freezes.

Windows Live Movie Maker is a part of the Windows Essentials software suite, which includes other free tools for photos, videos and communication. These elements integrate with and complement Movie Maker, so Windows Essentials is a recommended download for those who don't already have it. A tip for filmmakers active on social media is installing YouTube and Facebook plug-ins to make video-sharing with Movie Maker fast and foolproof.

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