What Are Some Tips for Using a UCC Search?

What Are Some Tips for Using a UCC Search?

Searching UCC databases require the debtor’s name, and a debtor may be an individual or an organization. To ensure that the correct debtor is identified, having the debtor’s mailing address is also important. Many states, such as New York, California and Montana, provide online UCC searches.

Information about a secured credit transaction between a debtor and a lender or financing company is compiled from information contained in the UCC Financing Statement signed by the debtor. Whatever information is being used in the UCC search must match the information contained in the UCC Financing Statement.

To search the New York State Department of State UCC online database navigate to the NYS Standard Debtor Search Web page and enter the business name of the debtor or the debtor’s last name, if an individual. Entering the optional information for an individual debtor provides filtered search results.

California UCC searches are available by going to the California Business Portal and entering the business name or the individual debtor’s name. When using the California Secretary of State UCC Connect system, no abbreviations are allowed and names cannot be combined.

Using the Montana Secretary of State Information Management System for UCC searches requires a Montana ePass account. Once the account is created, the Montana UCC databases may be searched.