What Are Some Tips for Using the QSL Card Printer?


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There are tips to keep in mind when using the QSL card printing. Ensure that the individual callsign is legible and is on the same side of the card as the QSO details. If the printing is on a double sided card, ensure that the callsign appears on both sides.

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Put forward the QSO information on the card in chronological order, with the earliest QSO first. It is critical to enter the exact date and time. Use the date format as DD-MMM-YY, having the month clearly spelled out or abbreviated. Always use the Universal Time Coordinated format and not the local time format. While logging, verify the clocks regularly and log the details carefully, completely and quickly.

Make sure that the call appears in a straightforward typeface, even when using an artistic design. Avoid the use of non-complimentary color combinations. Wherever possible, use printed labels. When using a computer label for the QSL details, the signature should be across the edge of the label. Do not attempt to cram multiple QSO details in a space designed for a single detail by reducing the font size.

Do not print the contest exchange information on the QSL card. Print the address of the recipient clearly and accurately on the envelope. In addition, print the return address clearly and correctly.

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