What Are Some Tips for Using Picasa 3?


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To customize the bottom toolbar, access Tools> Configure buttons, then customize as preferred, and save the settings. The software allows deletion of duplicate files by accessing Tools> Experimental > Show duplicate files. Choose a single copy of the files and click the delete button. To upload a slideshow to YouTube, access the “Movie” button. Once one completes making the movie, save the movie, and upload it by clicking the YouTube upload button.

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Picasa is a software from Google that allows one to manage and edit photos. Picasa 3 is an upgraded version of Picasa 2.7. Picasa 3 has additional features and a diversity of functions as compared to the previous version. However, its interface might be complex for some users making it hard for them to add pictures.

Picasa 3 software allows one to sync it with web albums by clicking on the sync button above the album. Changes to the tags, the file and the deleted or added photos on the Picasa album also show in the other web synced albums. However, the changes do not apply to other synced albums when changing the order of photos or changing the file name in the Picasa album.

Picasa 3 enables one to import and share photos and features the ability to create montages, screensavers and adding a watermark. However, its facial recognition feature is limited.

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