What Are Some Tips for Using Microsoft PowerPoint?


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An important tip when using Microsoft PowerPoint is to design a slide template instead of using one of the default templates provided. Also, it is important to edit the template from the beginning, since each slide must be edited individually.

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The template used for slides in Microsoft PowerPoint dictates the format each slide takes, such as where the title appears on the slide and how the body of the text is presented. To change the template design, the user must move the cursor to the top-left corner of the screen and choose Themes to produce a list of options for customizing the layout of slides.

To make all slides follow a single design, the user should select the Edit Master option to the right of the screen. She should then click Slide Master to dictate a new master design for all slides already created, as well as for any future slides. Once opened, the Slide Master menu presents several categories and tools to help the user create her desired design. Options such as font, color, transparency and positioning can all be edited from the Slide Master menu. Once finished, it is necessary to click Apply and Close Master to cause the changes to take effect.

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