What Are Some Tips for Using an IPad?


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If the iPad runs slowly or apps quit when you open them, reboot the iPad to fix the problem. To reboot the iPad, hold down the Sleep button for a few seconds, slide the button to shutdown when prompted, and wait until the screen goes blank. To boot it back up, hold down the Sleep button until the device displays the Apple logo.

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Lower the brightness of the iPad's screen to make it run longer on a single charge. To lower the brightness, go to Settings, choose Display and Brightness, and move the slider to the left. When typing, it is not necessary to include the apostrophe for words such as "can't" or "won't," since the iPad's auto-correct does that automatically. To find apps quickly, press the Home button while on the first page of the home screen to open Spotlight Search, and type the first few letters of the app name.

To find a misplaced iPad, open the Find iPhone app on another device, select the missing iPad, tap Actions, and tap Play Sound. This makes the misplaced iPad emit a sound, even if it is set to silent. While watching videos or during a FaceTime call, press the Home button, pinch to resize the viewer window, and flick it to move it aside.

Use Siri to set reminders, find photos taken at a certain place or time, and play the rest of the album of the currently playing song.

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