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Tips for using EDJOIN.org, the education job site, are to create a profile before applying for jobs, to set your profile so your employer will not know you are applying for jobs, and to search for jobs using subject area and school district or agency name as well as job titles for keywords. If you are unable to apply for a job, it may be a reposted position. You may need to withdraw your original application to reapply.

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If you create an EDJOIN profile before applying for jobs, your information automatically populates the application fields. This saves you from having to re-enter the same information repeatedly.

To keep your current employer from knowing that you are applying for jobs, you can apply anonymously. In "My Profile," on the "My Info" page, check "Exclude My Profile From the EDJOIN Applicant Bank." At the bottom of each employer section, check "Please don't contact my ER."

Use different kinds of keywords to search for jobs. Some job title keywords are "teacher," "counselor" and "dean." You can also use keywords related to skills and subject area, such as "bi-lingual" or "science," and school district or agency names such as "Los Angeles" or "BOCES."

To apply for the reposted position, you need to withdraw your old application. If you don't see a "Click here to withdraw" link, contact the district or agency to have them put you back on the "being considered" list so you can withdraw from the old posting and reapply.

Besides searching online for openings, you can check EDJOIN's calendar of recruiting events, webinars and informational meetings.

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