What Are Some Tips for Using Basecamp?


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To use Basecamp effectively, remember that Basecamp is a team-based tool, and integrate it into practices and procedures to support how your team likes to work. Take the time up front to set up Basecamp to streamline work as much as possible. For example, use project templates to their maximum potential to make common, repeated tasks quicker to complete.

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Make sure to subscribe to project updates via email, which provide regular reports on which tasks have been worked on and which are still awaiting attention. Project updates allow project managers to keep track of progress more easily. Integrating email can also help with streamlining the team's adoption and usage of Basecamp.

Consider adding plug-ins to Basecamp to increase productivity. For example, Usersnap allows users, testers and product owners to easily submit issues and comments including a screenshot. This functionality makes communication between engineers and testers much easier.

Ultimately, any project management tool is only as useful as the team makes it. Work to fully understand what Basecamp can offer, and then make using those features a standard practice among your team. For example, Basecamp's status functionality can be an excellent way to organize work based on whether each job is active, completed or on hold. However, team members must consistently update this feature for it to be effective.

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