What Are Some Tips for Troubleshooting a Phillips TV?


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To fix a Philips TV, first identify the exact problem, such as the remote not working, the TV not turning on, no images appearing on the screen, or the TV showing distorted images. The TV may also produce no sound.

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If the remote doesn't work, replace its batteries. Next, ensure there aren't any obstructions between the remote and the infrared receiver on the TV. Unplug the TV from power for about a minute, and try using the remote again.

If the TV doesn't power on, check whether the main power button on the TV is switched on. If the indicator light is on, press the power button on the remote or the channel button on the TV. If the TV isn't showing any picture, check what external video device the TV is plugged into, and then use the remote to scroll to the correct video input. If you're on coaxial cable, go to the menu, and autoprogram the TV.

If the TV is showing distorted picture, repeatedly press the Format button on the remote control to scroll through the various picture formats until you arrive to the one producing clear picture. If the TV isn't producing any sound, check whether you've muted it. If the TV is connected to an external device, ensure the audio connections between the device and the TV are tight.

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