What Are Some Tips for Troubleshooting the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Program?


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To solve issues with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, check whether the microphone is in mute mode, confirm speakers and audio parameters on a Windows system, and update audio drivers. The most common problem with audio output is a faulty microphone. Defective sound cards are uncommon and errors in software are common in older computers.

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The first step is to check whether the earphones or speakers are working properly. Make sure inbuilt speakers are active, especially on a laptop. To test whether the system is working perfectly, perform a voice recording, and play it on the audio playback software installed on the computer. Additionally, check whether the earphones have a mute switch, and confirm if the switch is on or off. Other systems come with a separate plug for the microphone. Make sure the microphone audio jack is in the right plug.

If sound playback is of poor quality, the problem might be with the input equipment or audio parameters. Poor sound quality can result from using a poor quality headset. Try replacing the headset and see whether there is a difference or not. Another issue with sound quality is incorrect audio settings. Check the audio settings, which, by default, might be set to record low-quality sound. Switch the settings to record high-quality sound and try to re-record the voice.

Check whether the computer has the latest audio drivers. If the drivers are outdated, download the latest version and install them.

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