What Are Some Tips for Translating Websites?


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Using online translation services and adjusting Web browser settings allows users to translate websites. Most Web browsers offer a translate option near the address bar when visiting a website written in a foreign language. In Google Chrome, this feature is enabled in the settings menu. Google Chrome also allows users to right-click anywhere on the Web page and select the Translate to English option.

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WordLing.com is a translation service that allows users to enter a Web address and select which language to translate the website into. As of 2015, the website translator has a limit of 500 words to translate for free. Free Web page translation results load within seconds, and users are allowed to select up to 32 languages. Unlimited translations are also available for monthly fees starting at about $4.95 as of 2015.

Various mobile apps are available to translate Web pages on smartphones, such as the Google Chrome and Bing App. iPhone’s Safari Web browser does not offer a translation option; however, users can add the feature with the Bing App. After installing the app, users must launch Safari and enable the feature in the Share button. When visiting a foreign website, tap the Share button again and the Bing Translate option to automatically translate the website.

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