What Are Some Tips to Transferring VHS Movies to DVD?


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Tips for transferring VHS movies to DVD include reviewing the movies before beginning the process to identify chapter locations, checking the compatibility and requirements of the software, and calculating the total length of the VHS movies to purchase the appropriate number of blank DVDs. Depending on the number of movies and the time available, it may be more effective to take the VHS movies to a separate service for conversion.

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The process of transferring the contents of a VHS tape onto a DVD involves several pieces of hardware and software, starting with a VCR or VHS camcorder to play the actual tapes. It also calls for a special conversion program to handle the process and a computer on which to run the program and store the contents, as the program actually copies the movie onto the computer before placing it onto the DVD. As such, users must have a computer with the appropriate hard drive space to receive all of the data from the VHS tapes; it must also be able to burn DVDs.

Prior to starting the process, it may help to watch the VHS movies and make notes about where to place the chapter markers, which are separations in the movie equivalent to tracks on a CD. Calculate the total running time of the movies and purchase the appropriate amount of DVDs for the project. If dealing with only a small number of tapes or a computer that can't handle the burning process, it may be worth investigating a third-party conversion company instead.

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