What Are Some Tips for Selling Used Electronics?


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One tip for selling used electronics is for the owner to investigate the value of the product using sites such as Gazelle.com or BuyMyTronics.com. This allows users to set fair prices for their products when selling. Alternately, owners may consider selling their electronics directly to sites such as Gazelle.com or Nextworth.com in exchange for money sent via PayPal, a check or a gift card for the equivalent value of the product.

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Another tip for selling used electronics is for the owner to be honest in his description about the product. If he is not, the professional who assesses the true value of the product will only offer a lower value than what the seller is asking.

Sellers should also sell used electronics as soon as they no longer need the item. Products such as iPhones always lose their value when the next iteration of the phone is announced, so selling this item before the next announcement helps users get maximum value. If the user is selling his phone directly to Gazelle, he can "lock in" a quoted purchase price and, as of 2013, have up to 45 days to send in the phone to receive full value.

Before selling used electronics, users should back up any data they wish to keep, such as pictures, and then wipe the memory clean to keep personal information secure.

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