What Are Some Tips on Security Cam Installation?


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Tips for installing a security camera include choosing locations where break-ins most commonly occur, such as the front door or a first-floor window; selecting a weatherproof camera; and positioning the camera to provide optimal coverage. It is also important to consider the camera's proximity to a power source and if it is necessary to run cable from the camera into the home.

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One important aspect of installing a security camera is choosing appropriate locations throughout the home, as the camera is useless if it does not monitor an access point into the home. Many break-ins occur through the front door, back door or on a window with ground access, making these ideal locations to place the camera. Home owners should examine the areas near the doors and windows to see if there is any coverage for the camera, such as from the roof or window. If there is no coverage, it may be necessary to purchase a camera that can withstand rain or other natural elements.

The power source for the camera is also important, with hard-wired cameras requiring the owner to either place it near an outlet or alter the home's wiring to feed it into the main power line. Some cameras feature batteries, though these require more attention to ensure continuous coverage. The owner also needs to consider the need to run cable for the camera into the home if the model features cables. Some security cameras are wireless but require special software or devices to use.

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