What Are Some Tips for Searching the Facebook Activity Log?

What Are Some Tips for Searching the Facebook Activity Log?

To search the Facebook activity log, click the arrow icon in the top-right corner of any Facebook page, and select the activity log category in the list below. The activity log lets users review, search and manage what they share on Facebook.

The activity log on Facebook lists posts and activity for the entirety of a person's Facebook account, including things the person has searched for on Facebook. Tagged photos and stories are located in the activity log, as well as friend requests and pages the user has liked. A user can filter the activity log by specific types of stories, such as posts, photos or liked pages.

The audience icons on the right show users the people they shared a story with. Facebook's activity log also has a public filter. This allows quick access to posts and photos a user shared with the public. Users control which stories they share publicly on their Timeline.

Only the account owner can access the activity log. Events from a user's Timeline also appear on the activity log. Stories in the activity log appear in chronological order. The most recent posts are at the top of the page. Navigate to a certain year in the activity log by clicking on the year.

To remove a search from the activity log, open the log and select "More" from the list. Click "Search" in the left column, select the search to be deleted, and click delete.