What Are Some Tips for Replacing Your Tablet Screen?

What Are Some Tips for Replacing Your Tablet Screen?

Tips for replacing your tablet's screen include researching the tablet's design, getting the necessary supplies, and taking pictures or notes during the process. The user should check the warranty before replacing the screen and take the tablet to the manufacturer or a repair shop, if necessary. Incorrectly performed repairs can result in further damage to the tablet or injury to the user.

If the warranty still covers the tablet, the safest option is taking it back to the manufacturer for repairs or a replacement. If the user replaces the screen or has a third party company replace the screen, it could invalidate the warranty.

Tablets and similar devices, such as smartphones, typically have back covers, frames that contain the motherboards, front frames and digitizers. The user should look up diagrams for his tablet to determine the process for replacing the screen.

Supplies vary depending on the repair. Standard tools include a small screwdriver set, a heat gun, double-sided tape and scissors. A replacement screen is also necessary. If the manufacturer doesn't sell replacement screens, other possible options include third party repair shops and online auction sites.

Since tablets tend to have a large number of screws and wires, the user should take pictures or notes during each step of the process. That way, he has a record of the correct wiring for the tablet and will avoid mistakes when putting the tablet back together.