What Are Some Tips for Repairing an RCA TV?

Tips for repairing an RCA TV include accessing the parental controls, changing the ZIP code on the setup menu for guide issues and rebooting the TV. Online support for RCA TVs is available on RCA4TV.com, as of 2015.

To access parental controls, press Menu, then select Parental Controls. If prompted, enter the password. Parent controls can restrict access to channels and prevent users from controlling the TV with the front panel buttons, so check the parental controls first for either of those issues.

If the Guide Plus doesn't have the correct channels, one possible cause is the system becoming out of sync with the cable provider. Press Menu, select Guide Plus, then select Setup. In the ZIP code field, enter 99999, then shut the TV down for about 10 minutes. Turn the TV back on and go through the same process to enter the correct ZIP code.

Rebooting an RCA TV fixes many common problems. To reboot the TV, turn it off and unplug the power cord for about five minutes. Plug the cord back in, turn the TV back on and check to see if the problem was resolved.

To view the support section on RCA4TV.com, visit the site's home page and click Support. On the Support page, click FAQs/Download for common issues and ways to fix them. On that page, click Downloads and enter a model number under the Documents Download heading for documents related to that TV model, such as the user's manual and specification sheet.