What Are Some Tips for Repairing a Mitsubishi TV?


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Tips for repairing a Mitsubishi TV include checking the front of the TV for LED lights which indicate errors, checking the TV components and verifying that all the TV connections are secure. The repair process varies depending on the TV and the problem. A troubleshooting guide for common problems is available on Mitsubishi-TV.com, as of 2015.

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To view the troubleshooting guide on Mitsubishi-TV.com, visit the site's home page and click Learn More under the Troubleshooting heading. Click on the link corresponding to the TV's problem, and then make the necessary selections to proceed through the troubleshooting process.

The LED lights on the front of Mitsubishi TVs are diagnostic features. When these LEDs are lit, they either blink or stay solid. Light colors include red, yellow and green, although on some models blue replaces green. Depending on the issue, one or more colors may appear. The troubleshooting guide on Mitsubishi-TV.com lists common issues related to each possible light sequence, along with ways to correct those issues.

TV components to check include the remote control, lamp door and fan. If the remote control has low batteries, it can cause issues with the TV. If the lamp door isn't securely attached to the TV, it can affect the picture. A dusty fan causes the TV to overheat. Many audio and video issues occur due to faulty connections, such as connections between the TV and other devices, or the TV's power cord.

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