What Are Some Tips for Repairing an Electric Wheelchair?

What Are Some Tips for Repairing an Electric Wheelchair?

Tips for repairing an electric wheelchair include engaging the free-wheel levers, adjusting the speed dial, cleaning the wheels and re-engaging loose levers. The exact steps to repair an electric wheelchair depend on the specific problem.

A common problem with electric wheelchairs is a unit that does not move, typically caused by disengaged free-wheel levers. Engaging the lever allows the use of normal controls. The levers are usually disengaged to allow the wheels to spin on their own and the chair to move in the absence of battery power. Consult the user manual to find the levers.

Another common electric wheelchair problem is the equipment moving slower than normal. This can be fixed by adjusting the speed dial, which may be set to a lower speed setting. Other possible causes for this problem include a battery that is not fully charged or loose or corroded connectors. Alternatively, try turning the power off for an hour and turning it back on.

Strange noises may occur if there is debris stuck to the wheels. Inspect the wheels and remove or clean any debris to fix the problem. Additionally, a new motor may emit strange noises. The problem should go away in about a month when the unit is broken in. Contact a technician if the problem persists.

Disengaged or loose free-wheel levers may cause a wheelchair to move in circles or veer off course. Inspect the free-wheel levers and re-engage or tighten them to return power to controls and to lock the wheels.