What Are Some Tips for Refilling an Epson Ink Cartridge?

What Are Some Tips for Refilling an Epson Ink Cartridge?

Some tips for refilling an Epson ink cartridge include using an Epson refill kit, laying enough paper towels in the working area, introducing the ink slowly in the cartridge, and printing several test pages after refilling. Also, reset the chip of the printer if the device is new.

An Epson refill kit contains all the tools required for refilling the Epson ink cartridge, including a syringe, color or blank ink, and rivets. The kit also provides instructions for refilling.

When refilling an Epson cartridge, lay several layers of paper towel in the working area to prevent unwanted ink stains. Push the rivets available with the refill kit into the rubber seals located at the back of the cartridge to create holes in the seals.

When introducing the ink in the cartridge via the holes, push the plunger of the syringe slowly. This helps to avoid overfilling of the cartridge and accidental spilling. Normally, 5 milliliters of color ink and 10 milliliters of black ink can be filled in an Epson cartridge.

After filling the ink, take out the rivets, and cover the holes using tape. Replace the cartridge in the printer, and print several test pages to allow the ink to flow smoothly.

If the Epson printer is new, use a resetting device to reset its chip. This renders the device operable after ink is filled in the cartridge using a refill kit.