What Are Some Tips for Recovering a Lost Phone?


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Find a lost phone by using smartphone features such as Android’s Device Manager or Apple’s Find My Phone. These services allow users to track and contact lost smartphones, but they only function for phones that are powered on.

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Preemptively configuring the Device Manager feature can help Android owners quickly locate their lost phones. The Device Manager function allows users to set up protocols for when a phone is missing, including an on-screen message for whoever finds the device. The service can also remotely wipe all data from a lost phone, protecting personal information. The only drawback, however, is that users must set up the Device Manager before a phone is lost in order to use it. Plan B, a third-party application, can locate a phone remotely without the need for previous configuration, making it an ideal alternative for users who haven’t set up Device Manager.

For iPhone owners, the best solution for a lost phone is Apple’s integrated Find My Phone feature, which comes installed on every iPhone. Phone owners must simply log onto the iCloud service and select the Find My Phone application. The service displays the current location of a lost phone and allows users to make the phone play a loud sound, send a message to the phone or remotely erase all its data. Users do not have to preconfigure the Find My Phone app to use it once a phone is lost.

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