What Are Some Tips for Publishing a Club Magazine Online?


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Some tips to consider when publishing a club magazine online include determining the target audience and content, planning the structure and schedule, identifying an online publishing tool and creating a social media presence. If your magazine will generate revenue, develop a strategic business plan early, including subscription and ad revenue.

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Once you decide who your target audience is, brainstorm what type of content would be relevant and interesting to share in the magazine. For a club magazine, you can capture the audience by showcasing club activities, interviews, reviews and useful articles on related topics.

Next, you can create a magazine structure including the layout design and a publishing schedule, allowing you to distribute and plan editorial tasks among members or staff. You can also adopt online magazine creation tools that make it easy to self-publish even without strong design skills. Some publishing tools, such as Flipboard, provide free online magazine templates and publishing platforms while others charge to publish your magazine.

Creating social media pages for your club magazine promotes it to club members and other interested parties. Social media can build community around your magazine, allowing readers to interact with each other as well as to share and discuss your content.

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