What Are Some Tips for Playing "Movie Star Planet"?

What Are Some Tips for Playing "Movie Star Planet"?

Tips to play “Movie Star Plane” include making a bunch of short movies and playing games to earn more fame points. Players need to enter competitions with their movies.

"Movie Star Planet" is an online social universal game where each player is a movie star. The aim of the game is for the movie characters to earn fame and star coins when other participants watch their movies. Players get to move up in the world by participating in creative competitions. At the same time, players have to interact with their friends who also play the game to earn more fame.

To advance further in the game, a player can use some tactics including spinning the coin wheel once a day. He uses the star coins to play games that earn the player more fame. Players can also make movies or ask their friends if they can appear in their movies and earn more star coins.

To have a great advantage, players can rate their products. They can do this by creating new accounts and use them to rate their movies, looks, room and art books. This earns players more fame in the game. Players can also gain vital star coins by loving other players' pets.

Earning star coins is an essential factor of the game. Star coins enable progress in the game, so players must earn them to progress in the game and become famous.