What Are Some Tips for Placing a Hidden Security Camera?


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When installing a hidden security camera in any location, consider the area's lighting conditions. A good factor to check in a room is how light moves across it during the day. If the location is poorly lit, install low-lux or infrared cameras.

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Set up hidden cameras in hidden entrances, such as doors and windows that are away from public view. If you have a backyard, point the security camera toward the gate or any other easy point of access.

If you're setting hidden cameras indoors, place them at proper heights to capture relevant details. Point the cameras toward areas that are likely to have a lot of movement. If you wish to install a hidden camera in your bedroom, examples of good places to set it are on a nightstand, a curtain rod, a shelf or on the TV. If you have a computer in the bedroom, you can replace its regular speakers with speakers that feature an inbuilt camera.

To avoid storage problems, insert a high-capacity storage device into the security camera and set it to a low resolution. Alternatively install a camera with overwrite capability. You can also install a motion-activated camera so that you only capture instances when there is movement.

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