What Are Some Tips for Passing an Excel Test?


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Tips for passing an Excel test include reviewing concepts and functions through the program's support page on Office.com, taking practice tests to learn about the different topics that may appear and using online courses to focus on specific areas of the program. It may also help to purchase a book or study guide to focus on a specific version of the software.

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Microsoft offers an extensive set of written and video tutorials for free on the Excel section of Office.com, which cover topics ranging from basic formatting features to the use of formulas and advanced functions. Users should review these sections prior to taking the test. Similarly, many sites offer full study courses outlining various aspects of the spreadsheet program, starting with introductory explanations of the program's layouts and extending to operations such as calculations or referencing different cells in formulas.

It can also help to take practice tests while studying the programs different features in order to gauge understanding of the concepts. Reviewing the results of a practice test also help identify the areas that need improvement, thus allowing you to focus studying time and efforts more effectively. You should also find out which version of the software the test focuses on to ensure you are familiar with its layout and features.

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