What Are Some Tips for Operating Windows 8?


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Using keyboard shortcuts, utilizing the Charms bar and initiating system-wide searches from the Start Screen are three tips for operating Windows 8. All three are built-in features available with all versions of the operating system.

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Keyboard shortcuts allow you to utilize the operating system more effectively by accessing commonly-used functions quickly. Pressing the X key while holding down the Windows key brings up the Windows Tools menu, via which you can access the Control Panel, the Command Prompt and some other features instantly. Windows+Print Screen takes a picture of the entire screen and saves it in the Pictures folder. Windows+Enter launches the narrator, Windows+E opens Computer and Windows+R brings up the Run dialog.

Windows 8 introduces the Charms bar on the right edge of the screen. Access it by pressing Windows+C, swiping the mouse cursor down from the top right of the screen, or swiping from the right edge on Windows 8 devices that support touch input. The Charms bar includes buttons for search, share, Start, devices and Settings functions.

While in the Start Screen, click the magnifying glass icon to start a search. Alternatively, just start typing after opening the Start Screen to open the search dialog automatically. The search function scans all files on the hard drive, all OneDrive content, and all installed applications.

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