What Are Some Tips for Making the Most of High-Resolution Photography?


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Some tips for making the most of high-resolution photography include using a digital camera with a high megapixel image resolution, choosing the proper picture size to maximize the resolution setting and choosing a high quality, or HQ, compression setting for better image detail. Another option is to use the camera's RAW file format for an uncompressed and detailed image.

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Megapixels are the smallest element of an image, so the higher the megapixel count in an image, the more details the image shows. Choosing a camera with a sensor that has a large megapixel count allows for image sizing options that are clear without pixelated image issues. This is why choosing the appropriate size for an image is important. The smaller the image size, the more megapixels are in the image. Each image size has a specific percentage of pixels to achieve the highest quality image at to fit the desired space.

Compression settings affect the image quality, but also affect the storage size of the image. The files saved are converted to JPEG compression. Choosing a low quality, or LQ, compression allows for more photographs on the saved file, but the image lacks detail or sharpness. A RAW file is not saved as a JPEG compression file, and it has better color data, sharper tones per pixel and allows for color correction since it is not a compressed file. It is the best file to use for fine details.

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