What Are Some Tips for Installing Free Virus Protection?


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When installing free virus protection software, users should try popular programs that the online community frequently uses. These programs are thoroughly tested and reviewed, allowing new users to determine how well each program works. Individuals should check websites such as AV-TEST to determine which antivirus software currently has the best protection, performance and usability. Since virus protection does not always stop infection, users should always use the best recommended practices to keep themselves safe.

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In addition to installing antivirus protection, users should make sure their firewall is enabled and configured properly. Since viruses sometimes utilize Java exploits to infect computers, users may wish to uninstall the program if it's not being used. Operating systems and other programs are constantly fixing exploits that viruses use for infection. As a result, people should make sure their software is always up-to-date.

Another way viruses infect computers is by hiding themselves in software that appears harmless. For this reason, users should only download software from a trusted source or directly from a company's website. Users should avoid downloading pirated software or clicking on any advertisement that downloads a file. Individuals should also be careful checking emails because they can contain virus attachments or lead users to fake websites that attempt to steal user names and passwords.

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