What Are Some Tips for Installing TV Cable Inside Your Home?


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To successfully install TV cable in your home, first ensure that you are properly equipped with the required items, including a stud finder, fish tape, and a drill with an auger bit. Other necessary items include a cable face plate and a screwdriver.

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Before installing, create a diagram showing where the cable line should be run, starting at the junction box and finishing at the point of termination, which is the location where the cable box or TV is to be connected. Determine the amount of cable needed according to the planned cable route, and add about 4 to 6 feet of additional cable per room as slack, to avoid having less cable than required. To check for interference in the cable route, locate any studs in the wall and make adjustments to the route to avoid any studs, along with electrical wiring and alternative cabling.

Using the drill, drill holes in the wall where the cable line should be run, and attach some fish tape to the end of the cable. Feed the fish tape through the wall, and pull the cable through until reaching the termination point of the cable route. To cover the drilled holes in the wall, use a cable face plate, screwing it in place around the hole with a screwdriver. Run the cable to the TV, and tighten any remaining slack. Remember to connect the other end of the cable to the cable box.

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