What Are Some Tips for Installing a Laptop Keyboard?


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Exact instructions on how to install a laptop keyboard vary by manufacturer and model. However, some general tips for installing a laptop keyboard include ensuring that the laptop is powered off and unplugged, using a small Phillips screwdriver to remove screws, and being careful not to tear data cables.

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The replacement keyboard should match the original one in size and shape. To check quickly, put the replacement keyboard over the laptop keyboard and compare. In addition to unplugging the laptop, remove the battery as well. Any residual power can harm delicate electronics. The housing of the keyboard is removable through unscrewing. Once all screws are removed, gently pry open the cover while ensuring no data cables are snagged or ripped out. Sometimes a butter knife is useful for lifting the top if fingers are not sufficient. If the cover is stubborn, check for any remaining screws.

After displacing the cover, remove the screws that attach the keyboard to the base of the laptop. Usually between two and five screws are present. As the keyboard is also attached to the laptop through a data cable, do not attempt to pull out the keyboard without first disconnecting the data cable. A small latch on the connector allows an easy release of the data cable. After the old keyboard is removed, connect the data cable to the new keyboard and gently place it back onto the compartment. Replace all screws and reinsert the battery to complete installation.

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