What Are Some Tips for Installing a Hidden GPS Vehicle Tracking Device?


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Some tips for installing a GPS tracker inside of vehicle include picking a space that seems unlikely and also making sure the area will not interrupt the signal from the device. The main aspects of a GPS device are its connectivity and how well it is hidden; if either one of these things is overlooked the unit can become useless.

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GPS devices have proven to be valuable in helping find stolen vehicles. It is important to hide the GPS units in spaces where thieves are unlikely to look. It may not be a good idea to hide a unit under a vehicle, but instead inside of the cabin. Units that use special batteries, such as those that can last for several years, may be installed inside parts of the vehicle, such as car seats. The car seats have to be cut open properly, then have the GPS unit installed, and then have the seat sewn back up. However, it is important to note that these components may receive a weakened signal if the person sitting on top has any signal-interfering devices.

Another way to install a GPS unit is to hard wire it into the vehicle. When it is hard wired, the unit will not need a battery feed and instead will pull power from the car's battery. One of the best places to hide a hard-wired tracking unit is inside the dashboard.

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