What Are Some Tips for Installing a Car CD Changer?


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Tips for installing a car CD changer include selecting a suitable installation location and mounting hardware, disconnecting the car battery before the installation process and testing the CD changer operation after the installation. Obtaining a changer appropriate for the car's make and model is crucial as well.

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A suitable installation location for a car CD changer should not leave the changer's power cord and cables exposed after the installation. For instance, installing the changer beneath the car seat or inside the car trunk leaves the cables and power cord hidden. One way to select a suitable mounting hardware for a car CD changer is by referring to the car's manual. Using Velcro straps to mount the changer leaves the car intact. Using hardware bought with the changer, on the other hand, necessitates modification to the car when mounting the changer.

Battery disconnection prior to installation enhances safety by preventing a possible electric shock during the process. Testing the changer after the installation helps determine the functionality of the equipment. This involves reattaching the battery to the engine, igniting the engine, turning on the changer and inserting a CD into the changer. Tracing and fixing problems is necessary in case the changer fails to function.

Installing a CD changer in a car involves attaching the changer onto the car with a mounting hardware, connecting the changer to the car battery and connecting the car stereo to the changer. While connecting the changer to the car stereo involves use of audio cables, connecting the changer to the battery involves use of a power cord.

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