What Are Some Tips for Getting a Good Deal on Broadband Service?


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Some useful tips for getting a good deal on broadband services include researching price, learning how to properly measure Internet speeds and looking out for red flags in quality of customer service. While price is an important determining factor, customers should also be aware of exactly what they are getting for any given price.

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What Are Some Tips for Getting a Good Deal on Broadband Service?
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One tip for getting the best broadband service is to know the difference between bits and bytes, as many broadband companies try to make their speeds look better than they are by defining their Internet speeds in bits rather than bytes. A byte is a package of eight bits and is the most common denomination of data in computers. So, for example, if a service provider offers 5 megabits per second, the actual speed is closer to 0.6 megabytes per second, which is fairly unimpressive. A customer should be aware that a lowercase b stands for bit, while a capital b stands for byte.

To get the best deal, customers should also be wary of the reputation of broadband providers. Some of the larger providers have grown a reputation for being unreliable and offering poor service to their customers. A customer should look for reviews of a company's customer service before deciding on a provider.

A good rule for price shopping is to compare each company's price per bit of speed and then assign value to the company's level of customer service to see where the best deal lies.

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